“Who boards the same boat together, has the same goals.”


Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Architect Till-Jonathan Patzschke represents the architectural family Patzschke that stands for timeless architecture now in the third generation. As it once was for this great-grandfather Theodor Patzschke, who was part of the Bauhaus movement in Dessau in the 1920s and for his father Jürgen Patzschke, who together with his twin brother Rüdiger Patzschke established his reputation as a traditionalist in the architecture scene of Berlin and beyond in a time that was still strongly characterized by the Bauhaus style, also for Till-Jonathan Patzschke it’s an important goal to develop an architecture made by people for people.


Dipl.Ing. Architect


Professor Christoph Schwebel together with Mr. Burkhard Scheven is founder and initiator of PSS Gernalplanung GmbH. He is partner in the internationally renowned architectural office Patzschke & Schwebel. In his opinion, architecture is not primarily self-expression but rather shows the result of cooperative communication as well as of bundling and designing of various parameters into an architectural idea. He stands for an architectural language that self-confidentially integrates itself in urban spaces, that is designed and involved contextually and uses traditional expressions for dialogue capabilities in order to let the respective places speak for themselves.


Prof. Dipl. Ing. Architect